A very relaxed Hierarch.


Kilroy is the Hierarch of Los Puertos, and has been since 1999. Not a native to the city, he was called to the city from San Francisco at the request of the local Free Council during a political crisis surrounding proof that the Onieral Sirocco was leading to the slow demise of the city. As a young, popular outsider, Kilroy was originally a compromise choice over the old Free Council Hierarch, who left the city after being deposed. Disliked by many, Kilroy uses his low-key personality and socially distant nature to play the role of a non-intrusive, neutral Hierarch.

Born into a rich Bay Area family, Kilroy spent his youth and young adulthood travelling the world, mostly to avoid interacting with a sickly, dying father. He Awakened a year and a day after his father’s death, and returned to San Francisco, where he became a popular Free Council Syndic, or orator and political organizer. It was from here that he met Free Councillers from Los Puertos engaged in Project Sirocco, the forebear to the magical artifact that was able to suppress the Fragrant Curse. This connection is what brought him to Los Puertos in 1999.

While he faces criticism for being an outsider, for being overly neutral, and for being sort of bland, Kilroy is an ideal Hierarch, at least for now. He is hands off, rarely makes decisions without the support of the rest of the Consilium, and is among the easiest of the master mages to speak with.

His cabal is the Breeze Kings, which is responsible for the maintenance of the Onieral Sirocco. He is the ruler of the cabal, but tends to delegate cabal tasks to others when possible. Zuan Wu is a cabalmate and his body guard.

His Nimbus manifests as a etching of the famous ‘Kilroy was here’ image, always in a location to be noticed out of the corner of somones eye. He actually took his Shadow Name after the effect.


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