Welcome to Los Puertos, the City that Shouldn’t Be.

While that might sound like a bit over-wrought if you were to see the bustling city of nearly a million people, it’s true. Los Puertos never had the geography, resources, or luck to become a true city, and in a saner world, no city would hug this dry valley between a few of South California’s coastal mountains. Magic is what grew Los Puertos. An old calamity, brought on by the hubris of Mages, led to a mystical lure drawing humans from across the world to this place, growing a strange community in the wreckage of magical accident.

Mages have worked for almost a century to end this curse, the Fragrant Curse, which lures mortals to this city, and, in many cases, into the shadowed depths and lost alleyways that lead god knows where. Finally, the succeeded, but at a cost: The city is now dying, its’ population slowly but surely trickling away as so many sleepers forget why they came out to Los Puertos in the first place.

Now, the Consilium of Los Puertos faces a challenge: Many wish to allow the curse, now knowing that it is the only way to save the city. Others whisper that the Curse is of truly Abyssal origin, and that the sacrifice of a city is a small price to pay to safeguard this world from the beyond. The arguments are growing fiercer, and other, stranger forces are moving to make their own wills known.

The city may in fact be Doomed, one way or another. But for now it is still a beautiful and strange city, filled with Mystery and suffused with magic. It is now your players’ home.

Down and Out in Los Puertos City

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